Booking your virtual PA

First we will need some basic details from you, these will include the service(s) you require, the date needed, and how you will send the information to us.  If you need work completed urgently, we will let you know how quickly we can get this to you but will always endeavour to complete to your deadlines.

Complete the online booking form now to secure the services of your own virtual personal assistant, giving you back valuable time to run your business.  The only thing we won’t do is make the coffee! 

What happens next?

Once we have received your completed form, we will work out when we can deliver this service to you (if it is an urgent request then we will of course endeavour to fit this into our schedule).  We will also give you an estimated cost based on the number of completed hours the work will take to finish for you.  Any extra costs (i.e. postage, courier costs, printing etc) will be invoiced as separate items.  And of course how you wish to receive the work, e-mail, DVD, Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents etc.


If your request is urgent or is of a more complex nature (i.e. Website Design, events or long term projects) give us a call and we can discuss your requirements and completion time.