Marketing & Advertising

Newsletters & Flyers

We are able to create newsletters to send out to your clients, this can be on a quarterly or half-yearly basis, design and layout can be set up to your requirements, they can even be emailed out by us on your behalf. 

Promotional Items Sourcing

We understand that promotion of your business is key to success, if you need a company stand made, or freebie material with your company name and logo for a corporate event or exhibition fair, we can source these for you at very reasonable costs.

Sales Calls Follow Up

If you have a database of clients you need to follow up with, let us make those calls for you, we will make a record of the customer or client we have called, date, response and a follow up date if necessary.

Market Research

If you have a product or topic which you would like feedback on, we can organise focus groups or individual feedback from the general public, using criteria you give us.


We can put together either e-mail or manual mailshots for you; all you have to give us is the material you need to be sent