Recruitment Services

Taking care of your Business

Competency assessments is one of the first steps you should take when looking for the right person for the job you have on offer, we can work with you to create a list of competencies that match what you require from an individual.  We can work with you to create a list of competencies against which we can interview candidates.

We can offer you a screening service for applications you have received for a position, from initial first stage screening through to telephone interviews, leaving you with a top tier of candidates for you to interview in person.  We can arrange the telephone interviews for you and will pull together the results of those interviews and send to you by e-mail.  We can also put together mini assessment centres if the position so warrants. 


Online Recruitment Campaigns

If you require online applications from candidates we can manage the e-mail they are directly sent to and reply on your behalf.

If you need help with putting together a job description we can help write that for you, along with putting together a contract of employment. 

We are very experienced in this area and will work closely with you and your business in order for you to employ the right people for the job.