A Day in the life of a Virtual Office

A typical day at the Superstar PA office is never the same, but here is an idea of what happens. 

We start by checking our e-mails to see if any work has come in from our regular or new clients overnight, if something has come in and is urgent then we act on those first and respond to the client by e-mail or phone.  We then prioritise what work has to be done that day, we have regular clients that we check e-mails for, this can often include follow up emails to their customers or clients so these have to be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner and the client is then updated as to what they need to respond to directly.

We also answer calls (using a telephone forwarding company) for a couple of our clients so the phones are usually quite busy, calls are recorded (time received and replied) and typed up on a client contact sheet ready to send to the client at any point throughout the day. 
Secretarial work is then dealt with and sent to clients for approval, many are happy for us to send out directly on their behalf and we then send them high standardscopies of these.  We have electronic copies of most of our client’s standard Word and Excel documents, this makes it easier for us to respond immediately to their needs and can be forwarded to them in the exact format they like it. 

One of our key plus points is that we are not your typical 9am – 5pm office, we are able to work on projects outside of normal office hours, continuous advances in technology mean that we are able to work on almost anything at anytime on any computer.  Even in different timezones!

We check on a regular basis how our clients websites are performing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and add our clients to numerous directories which can be very time consuming but extremely rewarding from an SEO perspective (amongst a zillion other factors!).

To say we finish at 5pm is unheard of, although I have to point out that we do of course sleep!  If we have a deadline we always endeavour to complete on or before it.  We are realistic with deadlines but also flexible to our clients needs.  More often it involves working until very late in the evening to get things finished.
Above is just an example of a snapshot of a day in the Superstar PA office, if you have a particular requirement and it’s not listed on our website, then feel free to give us a call or send us an email to discuss your projects further.

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